About Us

The word Claidh is Irish, Scottish Gaelic and means Clay. We hope to create a space, or house of Clay, that reflects the beauty that surrounds us.

Claidh’s concept is the result of a few too many nights full of laughter, wine (this is wine country after all!) and many big ideas. Since cutting bangs has already been done, House of Claidh was established. We’re two friends, now turned family, delving into the polymer clay community. Now we have an even better excuse for wine nights turned business meetings!

This clay house creates small batch polymer clay accessories in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Each piece is handmade and often hand cut if the right cutter is nowhere to be found. Each piece may have slight variants and imperfections adding to its character. Some pieces are even their own and one of a kind, whether in color, style or shape.

We craved an outlet for creativity and freedom and this versatile medium has not disappointed. From earrings to hair and phone accessories and more still to come (keep your eyes peeled for necklaces and essential oil car dangles)! We hope to inspire you to wear our pieces and share them with friends, family and loved ones.

Local pick up will be Summerland, BC or West Kelowna, BC